Efficiency and performance tilt and turn window.
The MasterLine 8 platform with its 40mm thermal break ensures great level of insulation to chieve high Uw. There is no need to place additional insulating gaskets and with this creating a highly performing and profitable system. All frames come factory finished to any RAL colours.

MasterLine 8 standard combines

  • water tightness of 1200Pa
  • air tightness of 600Pa with air loss reduction of 80% below class 4 maximum, with excellent thermal values
  • glass weights up to 200kg for a turn-tilt window.

The standard insulation level is composed of profiles with polyamide insulation bars and EPDM weather gaskets.


  • Min. Visible width frame: inward opening53 mm
  • Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening97 mm
  • Min. Visible width frame: outward opening20 mm
  • Min. Visible width frame-vent: outward opening138 mm
  • Min. Visible width T-profile80 mm
  • Max. height vent2800 mm
  • Max. width vent1200 mm
  • Max. weight element200 kg
  • Overall system depth frame77 mm
  • Overall system depth vent87 mm
  • Rebate height27 mm
  • Min. Glass thickness4 mm
  • Max. Glass thickness58 mm
  • Min. Glass thickness vent13 mm
  • Max. Glass thickness vent68 mm


  • Air tightness max. test pressure4 (600 Pa)
  • Water tightnessE900 (900 Pa)
  • Wind load resistanceC5 (2000 Pa)
  • Acoustic performance45 (-1;-4) dB dB


  • Burglar resistanceRC2/WK2