It is a window system consisting of wood and aluminium that combines the best properties of two different materials. Wood as a proven and environmentally friendly building material is not only highly durable and capable of withstanding strain; it also creates a friendly and warm atmosphere in living quarters.Aluminium is a modern high-tech product characterised by versatility and indestructibility combined with low weight. Being weather-proof, it provides optimum external protection for the wood, similar to a bark.Wood-aluminium windows are classic wooden windows with precisely fitting aluminium shells attached to them using special fittings.

Wood-aluminium windows have the advantage that you can choose from a nearly unlimited number of possible colours for the facade design. And they also provide a cosy atmosphere inside your home.In addition, wood-aluminium windows are extremely durable and provide permanent protection against inclement weather.

Because wood-aluminium windows are so durable and easy to maintain, their slightly higher purchase price will pay off very quickly. Install wood-aluminium windows and you will never need to paint again!A “whole life cost” appraisal carried out by Camden Housing Capital Projects took into account maintenance and replacement costs and the results show that high performance timber and aluminium clad timber windows cost 23-25 per cent less than PVC over a 60-year life span.

Wood-aluminium windows last a lifetime, because the aluminium protects the wood like a bark.

Gutmann’s aluminium profile systems provide large revolving water chambers and optimum back ventilation to ensure that no water condensation will form between the aluminium shell and the wood, thus preventing mould right from the start.

Yes. We have developed the “MIRATherm” system especially for low-energy homes. This system meets the requirements of the German EnEV regulation for saving energy. This aluminium shell with its special thermal insulation is also suitable for zero-energy homes, since it has been certified by PASSIV HAUS INSTITUT in Darmstadt, Germany and comply with the PASSIVE HOUSE standard.

Wooden and wood-aluminium windows are fitted with burglary-resistant secure hardware from Siegenia-Aubi (Germany) whose efficiency is further supported by the aluminium shell.

Window sound insulation is foremost dependent on the glass itself. The aluminium shell has no significant influence on sound propagation.

The number of possible colours is virtually unlimited. All colours according to RAL, NCS, decor and special colours are possible. Gutmann has compiled a colour fan with the most common colours to facilitate decision-making for architects and building owners. Colours can, of course, also be mixed. In this manner, it is possible to exactly match windows to their environment.

Windows are available in almost every type and shape for customised facade design. No matter if the window is round, inclined or if you prefer transom windows, our specialists know exactly how even unusual types of windows can be fitted with an aluminium shell.The same applies to unusual shapes of windows. There are wood-aluminium system solutions for every type of window, ranging from single casement turn windows to tilt-and-turn windows and sliding windows. All this is made possible thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of Gutmann aluminium profile systems.

Gutmann offers a wide range of different profile systems and versions. For example, the MIRA system with its classic offset design or the modernlooking flush design of the BRAGA system.For conservatories, we offer the LARA system in different versions. Gutmann has the right product for every purpose. We will be pleased to help you select the right product from the Gutmann catalogues.

Mounting a wood-aluminium window is not different from mounting other types of windows. When a woodaluminium window is installed, only the usual guidelines must be observed.

Aluminium is an easy-to-clean, lowmaintenance and colour-stable material. This makes it very suitable for protection against inclement weather. For maintenance, we recommend caring for the aluminium shell once per year. Gutmann provides a special aluminium care kit for this purpose.

Depending on the colour, special repair kits are available for easy and quick repairs, similar to those for damaged car paint. In the event of heavier damage, Gutmanns practical system connection principle allows you to replace aluminium shells.

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