Environmental conditions from both the outside and the inside affect entry doors

Temperature and humidity differs from the outside and the inside and this ussually causes the deformation of wooden external doors and makes them diffucult to close. It also affects heat and noise isolation and causes deterioration in the level of safety. The new external doors with unframed sash are made from a special wooden door panel. The panel is constructed in a special way and such doors do not defrom nor are they affected by differences in exterior and interior temperatures.Because of a special construction exceptional thermal performance and sound isolation will stay the same as the first day.

Door panels used by Rawington meet the European requirements of the hig hest tolerance class 4 of DIN EN 1530 standard. This is confirmed by tests carried out by independent laboratories.Three tests were conducted – the door panel was left for different periods of time in different exterior and interior himidity and temperature conditions. Alfer all three tests only minimal warping of door panes was detected.Change variance detected (mm)