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RAL 8019 EV 1 EV 2 Matt Gold Light Matt

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The Si-line Handle – Quality at your fingertips

Get to grips with design

SIEGENIA-AUBI’s handle design an colour coordinated handle covers open up a wide range of window design possibilities. It goes without saying that all handles comply with RAL quality product standards. High quality materials guarantee long term reliability. Si-line handles offer the following diversity of choice:

  • Lockable
  • Lockable TBT, turn before tilt
  • Additional 45-degree locking for night ventilation
  • Various spindle lengths or without spindle
  • Removable handle
  • Low set handle for shutters and blinds
  • Internal / external handle sets with profile cylinder
  • Variety of handle options within the Portal range


SI-AU tilt & turn hardware – Simple, smooth operation

  • Smooth-running, single-handed control
  • Windows are also easy to clean in the turn positions
  • Basic ventilation in the ’tilt’ position
  • Increased airflow in the ‘turn’ position
  • Optional operating sequence TBT = Tilt before turn

The Si line hinge side gives timber windows an individual character, because along with the numerous technical and economic benefits this system offers planners and building contractors appealing design possibilities for sash weights of up to 130 kg. The bottom and top hinges are flush with the over rebate and blend harmoniously into the window design on the sash over-rebate. The favourable clear frame dimension offers an agreeable visual appearance and allows the use of larger panes. In addition and thanks to wide range of different coloured cover caps, Si line can be individually composed for every window, giving emphasising a new approach in design. Si line – the hardware for the modern window.



SI-AU tilt & turn hardware – Innovative hardware technology for modern living

  • Window and door hardware with aesthetic appeal
  • Gives building designers space to create large expanses of glass
  • Provides scope for creative window design, e.g. arched and angled head windows
  • Optional locking points


SI-AU tilt & turn hardware – Secure and weather-tight

  • Complete protection from rain, wind, heat, dust and noise
  • A range of hardware combinations provide various options for individual security requirements
  • Allows quick and easy escape in the event of an emergency
  • Superior corrosion resistance

FAVORIT TBT – “Tilt before Turn” creates security.

In many buildings security means more than protecting the resident and users from burglars. In nurseries and hospitals for example it can be sensible to make the turn position of the windows accessible only for cleaning purposes. With the operating sequence “Tilt before Turn” and the possibility of separate locking of the turn position, the FAVORIT TBT hardware provides vital safety against falling.

Superior corrosion resistance

Superior corrosion resistance

Long term protection from corrosion comes as standard with E-look The hardware delivers high-quality, reliable surface protection from corrosion (white or red rust) suitable for even the most extreme applications, such as coastal locations.Through SIEGENIA-AUBI’s superior product development capabilities, you can benefit from a long-term hardware solution that is as reliable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Corrosion resistance results from salt spray test DIN 50021-SS, resistance against build-up of red rust per hour.

Si-line RB / SF – Special shapes

Si-line RB / SF – Special shapes

Making specials a commonplace

As the only hardware system with integrated WK 2 solutions for special shapes, the FAVORIT Si line guarantees particularly high operating convenience over its long working life. This unique system with optimally matched sash components for special shapes will win you over with its perfect functioning, trouble free handling. The high quality modern finish in Titanium Silver or Stainless Steel Look ensures excellent corrosion protection.

FAVORIT Si line RB for round arches

The ideal turn and tilt hardware for round arches and pointed arch windows made of wood. Prepared corner drive components ensure quick assembly, the anti-slam device and a wear minimising stay hinge offer great user convenience. Double-sash slave windows as well as single sash windows can be engineered with this hardware.

FAVORIT Si line SF for angled windows

Angled windows become standard windows: because the FAVORIT SF turn and tilt hardware looks good, and due to its symmetrical drilling and screwing pattern and the newly designed jig for the drilled holes for the bottom hinge and top hinge it is efficient to assemble.